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Perspectives, Issue #030 - First ever competition
May 07, 2014

"Perspectives" - Have fun with this competition!

Beautiful, sunny weather, minimums around 17 degrees Celsius, maximums around 30 in case you're wondering. The cyclone mostly missed us, which was a great relief but one can never be complacent with such capricious and potentially destructive terrors.

This is a quick note to let you know that I have just announced a photographic competition which involves you, a friend and my gorgeous (if I say so myself) pure silk scarves.

If you already own one of the scarves all you have to do is to dream up an interesting photo that shows the scarf being worn by you or your model in a dramatic way.

Or borrow one from a friend.

Perhaps you have been intending to purchase a scarf - this might be just the right time for that, given the discounts and chances of winning great prizes.

If you are keen on using digital imagery then please 'photo-shop' as much as you like to come up with an imaginative pic, using images of scarves from the website if you don't have an actual scarf to play with.

Here are the details. If you could please share this info with your friends I would be very grateful - the more the merrier!

I do hope that you will 'have a go' and show us your creative ideas.

Anna Curtis - new work monthly

Several of Anna's beautiful reduction lino-prints from which to choose. What do you think of these beauties?

As always, my very best wishes to you and yours


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