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Perspectives, Issue #029- New Art Monthly!
April 11, 2014

"Perspectives" - New Art Monthly!

Why is it that I always seem to start these newsletters by talking about the weather?

Perhaps it's because being hot or cold, wet or dry sets the scene for whatever activity has been happening or perhaps it is because that is how we tend to start normal conversations?

Whatever the reason it seems that I am going to remain predictably true to form!

For once I seem to have a little time on my hands - and what better to do with it than to write to you?

The reason for this unusual state of affairs is that there is a dangerous and potentially destructive cyclone hovering along the coast and due to cross it near Cooktown (or perhaps Port Douglas or Cairns) some time tonight.

Her name is Ita and she is a Category 5 storm, with winds of up to 300kph near her centre. She is quite small but very intense. Already rain has started but not too much wind - another five or six hours for that to happen.

For the last couple of days we have made preparations - putting away any items which could become missiles, stocking up on food and generally 'battening down the hatches'.

Even without the radio and television warnings it was obvious that there was a 'blow' in the offing. A strange stillness and silence, a weird colour to the sky and the birds - not a peep out of them. They knew.

We have been advised to evacuate my street which is on the 4 Mile Beach in Port Douglas, because of expected huge tidal surges, so I am waiting to be collected by a friend and will stay the night with them. Perhaps we will have a party as happened the last time - or perhaps things will become a bit too serious for that...

New Art Monthly

So many people visit the New Art Monthly page - are you one of them? See

I missed out on finding you new work for April but hope to bring you a couple of wonderful lino prints by Anna Curtis for May.

Anna has been exhibiting at the Framed Gallery in Darwin so there should be quite a few beautiful pieces from which to choose.

New Silk Scarves

I still have a small stock of the silk floral scarves but will be ordering more soon, so if you wish to purchase a particular design please let me know ASAP. See here -

To those of you who have already purchased scarves, I would be delighted if you could please email me a photo of you wearing it (or your friend if you purchased it as a gift). I am wondering whether you have invented a special way of wearing your scarf and if you could please share that with us?

I shall make a special page on the website for you all so hope that you like that idea. In return for your kind gesture I am very happy to offer you 10% deduction off future purchases.

Best wishes to you all.


PS many thanks for those of you who have emailed me kind wishes for 'weathering' the cyclone. Thanks, I'll do my best!

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