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Perspectives, Issue #028- Gifts For You!
December 08, 2013

"Perspectives" - Gifts For You!

Some of you are battling snow and ice, while here, in Tropical Australia, we gradually settle into hot and humid days, freshened a little by heavy, often overnight, downpours. Gardens love it, shrubs, herbs and flowering trees responding by growing centimetres in days – as do weeds!

No ice here except in the green ant cocktails! It's true - some people do make refreshing, lemony drinks from the pale green, round abdomens of the viciously biting green ants that abound in rainforest and gardens, doing their job of keeping other insects under control.

What are artists doing?

On the art scene, many groups are winding up the year with exhibitions; most art classes have stopped until February, the start of the new school year.

Artists, in general, are having a holiday, too (my guess is that a small sketchbook is packed in with the swimming gear)!

And so to Christmas and school holidays - six weeks in Australia.

A Gift for You!

As a special gift to you I shall include a pair of matching glass and sterling silver earrings with every silk scarf purchased from now until January 1, either from the Gingers range or Tropical Flowers.

If you are a member of this site (those who receive this newsletter), you already qualify for discounts on scarves so, to be clear, the earrings gift is in addition to those discounts.

I have been making sterling silver and glass jewellery lately, that complements the scarves and uses some of the colours in them. The earrings are mostly simple drops. I have just photographed them and put them on the website – do you like the style and colours?

The very inexpensive prices are introductory ones only so seize the day while they last!

Asian Influence Exhibition

As noted in my last newsletter (too long ago – sorry!) plans for an exhibition by artists featured on this website were well under way. Participating artists researched the subject well and came up with some innovative slants. Here is the result. What do you think? There may be some works still available – do ask if you would like to purchase any and I shall contact the artist on your behalf.

Buy New Art

This is a new feature of the Art in Tropical Australia website, with brand new work for sale being regularly uploaded on the first day of every month. Already we have had new artworks by Hoglund Art Glass, Mary Ann Runciman and Jill Booth. Just uploaded are three of Terry Johnson’s quirky and happy new lithographs.

Conditions are that artists must have completed the works within the last three months, that they have not displayed them anywhere else and that they are priced at below $1,500. If you are an art buyer, do you find that an attractive idea?

All artists featured on this website guarantee their work so I hope that you will find something that you love. If not, it is sometimes possible to commission similar work by a particular artist or they might be working on a series and therefore have ideas ‘in the pipeline’.

Artists’ Journals

Journals are added to every so often. This candid glimpse into an artist’s thought processes and informative experiences are something that the general public is not usually privy to; do make comments if you are interested in what they have to say – artists would love to have some direct contact with you!

Please Tell Me!

It would be very much appreciated if you could please email me via the ‘Contact’ form or the form at the bottom of the ‘New Art Every Month’ page to tell me your ideas or ask questions. After all, this website exists for YOU!

One of the reasons that I have been rather slack at sending out newsletters is that I have been laboriously going through every page on the site, trying to improve it. As there are nearly 200 pages this does take a while! I love it when people occasionally find ‘typos’ or other errors so please do me a favour and point them out if you come across any?

What else would you like me to include on the site? Would it be a good idea to include a Facebook comments box at the bottom of some pages? Are you enjoying the Facebook site? And then there's Twitter - to say nothing of Pinterest - are you a ‘Pinner’ or do you prefer Instagram?

Until next time, my best wishes to you and your family for a very happy Christmas and New Year holiday period.


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