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Perspectives, Issue #025- Through Artists' Eyes
September 11, 2012

"Perspectives" - Through Artists' Eyes

This month I have exciting news to share with you.

I would also like to ask for your help!

Although I have met only a handful of you face-to-face I think of you all as special members of our Art in Tropical Australia community, which is stronger because of your presence or participation. So I feel comfortable asking you to join in and help out with this project.

The News

The news excitement part is that a handful of artists living in Port Douglas have embarked on quite an ambitious, but really ‘do-able’ project.

This October we want to bring a TV crew to Port Douglas to film three artists working in their studios, which are often in scenically beautiful locations. The half hour programme, Put Some Colour in Your Life , will then be shown regularly to, potentially, millions of viewers in Australia, New Zealand and England. Negotiations are under way to air the series in China, Ireland and USA.

The project will help all artists in the region and also will promote Tourism in a subtle way as shots of this beautiful area, situated between world heritage listed rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, will be included.

This year we have chosen Anna Curtis, Tania Heben and Mary Ann Runciman to represent us. This is Part 1 of the plan. Part 2 (June 2013) will feature artists such as Ola Hoglund, Linda Jackson, Yoshiko Kirby, Hannah Parker and Theo Tremblay.

How to do it?

This is quite an expensive exercise as you might imagine. Participating artists are contributing a significant amount towards the promotion but we have a shortfall of $7,500 to make up in a few short weeks!

So we are doing this through crowdfunding , which entails many people helping out by each pledging a small amount (larger amounts are extremely welcome, of course!). If the goal is not reached the project does not go ahead and pledges are cancelled. So it’s all or nothing!

What you can do

The platform that we are using is an Australian one called Pozible, which seems to be used mostly for Arts projects. Some of the proposals make interesting reading.

Ours is Through Artists' Eyes so please check it out and make a pledge? Our first pledge was for $1 and that was so exciting to think that a complete stranger wanted to help us. At the time of writing we have pledges totalling about 10% of our goal so, although we have started out well, there’s quite a long way to go.

Please email me if you have any questions about the project. It would also be appreciated if you could please forward this to any of your friends who may wish to be part of it.

Best wishes and thank you!


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