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Perspectives, Issue #024- Secrets of Their Souls
July 28, 2012

"Perspectives" - Secrets of Their Souls

This month we bring a new project to Art in Tropical Australia, which we hope you will find interesting and enjoyable.

Several artists involved in the website have agreed to ‘start the ball rolling’ by contributing thoughts and observations, that may inform their art practice, to a special Artists’ Journals section.

Most artists keep a visual diary or journal in which they make notes and sketches about aspects of their lives that interest them. These ideas might help to clarify thoughts or may develop to become artworks (or not) and can often be part of the creative process.

Normally this is a very private activity and it is unusual for artists to share this ‘baring of their souls’. It is understood that, knowing that this activity will be made public, artists will be selective in what they share.

We thank them very much for being part of this on-going project and hope that you will also contribute to what could become a fascinating forum.

Here’s where it starts - Art Journals 2012.

Want to Learn to Draw?

‘Learn to Draw’ is one of the most frequently ‘googled’ English phrases on the internet, so my assumption is that there are tens of thousands of people wanting to learn to draw the human figure, landscapes, buildings – or even animals, flowers, dragons and angels!

Every so often I review an e-book or DVD that I come across if, of course, I think that it is good enough to warrant my recommendation.

The latest review examines a series of videos and written support material by Canadian artist, Sarah Parks. The course, which covers twelve weeks of lessons about a particular aspect of learning to draw, is well organized. It starts with the basic principles that govern any drawing, painting or sculpture, such as shape, line and form.

The course then progresses to examine more specific elements such as perspective, composition and movement. As Sarah points out, if your aim is to become a painter, printmaker or sculptor, you will get nowhere unless you can draw.

As a trained art teacher myself, I sometimes I have thoughts of writing ‘how to’ books – but then, when I find courses such as this one of Sarah’s I realize that I probably couldn’t do it any better!

So should you want to learn to draw (anything!) this is a very good place to start: Drawing Secrets Revealed.

The Weather

It has been glorious weather of late, fine and sunny, with temperatures hovering around minimums of 16 degrees C and maximums of 26 degrees C - perfect for getting out into the garden or onto the beach.

Amusingly, it’s always easy to pick visitors from locals these days (hint: guess who is rugged up in jumpers, socks and trackies?).

Exhibitions and Workshops

As usual, there’s lots happening, much of which centres around the Cairns Festival during August. A very active and professional group, Inkmasters, has run workshops in lithography, etching and reduction lino-printing and is now embarking on a series of exhibitions.

Keep an eye on Tropical Arts Events.

Best wishes


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