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Perspectives, Issue #018--Here's to 2011
January 01, 2011

"Perspectives" - Here's to 2011

I have been thinking of you and wondering what your plans are for 2011. Whatever your dreams, I hope that you realize them – or at least that you have fun trying! They do say that it is the journey that counts, not so much the destination, so enjoy the ride!

My plans for this year are to extend and update the Art in Tropical Australia website by including up-top-the-minute information about artists already represented there and to feature more professional artists from this part of the world. As well, it is about time that I published those ‘how to’ e-books that have been gestating for a while.

How may I help you?

If there is anything art-related that you would like me to find out for you I am happy to research subjects if I don’t already know the answers. Or if you can see an area that I have neglected, please give me a shout.

I have decided to retire from involvement with the Go Troppo Arts Festival this year. I said something like that last year and was prepared to be a mentor only. However, despite those good intentions, I was obviously not determined enough to resist the need to hop in and help, so ended up doing far too much.

After three years of directing the highly successful festival, passing its responsibility on to other capable hands will free me up to be responsive to your needs. I shall also begin a service that connects artists with art buyers so if that makes you prick up your ears, I am ‘all ears’ to see how I may help.

Having spend most of my life as an artist, student, teacher and gallery owner I have developed a broad network of specialised contacts, so if you are looking to purchase Australian art, even if the artist is not represented on this site, please let me know and I shall be happy to do some of the ‘ground work’ for you.

Beautiful Art Spaces

My other little (shared) project, already begun, is a studio/gallery at the Meridien Marina in Port Douglas, named Port Douglas Artists and currently shared by four experienced artists, who work and exhibit there. The owners of the marina complex have plans for an up-market residential development to be built on the site so the existing shops will, in time, be demolished.

So, in collaboration with the Cairns Regional Council, they have developed the Beautiful Art Spaces project by encouraging qualified artists to set up studios in one wing of the complex, where empty shops were increasing as owners were unable to renew secure leases. As I write, most of those shops are now artist-occupied and there is a ‘buzz’ about the place. With plans for special promotions and entertainment this interest can only increase.

Opportunity for you or your friends?

By the way, thinking of opportunity knocking, if you or your friends have been considering starting your own web-based business you may be interested to know that Site Build It, the course of study that has given me so much help to build this site, has just extended their annual special ‘two for the price of one’ for another few days, until January grab a bargain while you may! You and a friend could start a whole new business for half price (that’s a tiny, incredible, all inclusive, $150each!).

I would never recommend anything that I wasn't totally convinced about. For me the main attraction is that I am able to trust that, if I do the work, success will follow. For example, I am now getting between 300 - 600 daily visitors to the site and an Alexa ranking that varies, but is usually under about 750,000, sometimes as low as 400,000. You can run a test on any site that you know by 'googling' Alexa rank for it. The rank is a measure of where the site is in the billions in the world on a particular day.

If you would like to ask me more about how the website based business works, drop me an email but you had better be quick!

My best wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful and creative year.


PS By all means forward this newsletter to your friends. They can always then sign up to receive it in the future the same way that you did!

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