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Perspectives, Issue #013--workshops, theatre in the round, catch the acting bug
August 03, 2009

"Perspectives" - Catch the acting bug, draw from a model at a life-drawing class in a creek or or make a portrait in clay...

Those of us living in Far North Queensland have enjoyed almost perfect weather for much of June and July with sunny days and cool nights. Temperatures have ranged between minimums of around 14 C degrees and maximums of around 26 C degrees.

So it is easy to relax and enjoy one's surroundings.

Frieda points out how haiku writing is often based on observations from our senses – not only of sight but also of smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Such strange pale -brown trees
smell of burning wood, smoke wisps
road-sign: smoke hazard

passing paper-bark
can't help my hand stretches out
such soft, dry feeling...

fast-moving soundscape
flock of cockatoos passes
what's the talk about?

perfect white segments
how to describe mangosteen's taste?
can't do, just try it...

Frieda will be running a day-long workshop in haiku writing during the Go Troppo Arts Festival in Port Douglas (October 2 - 11 this year), so if you would like to enjoy an observant and creative day in good company, here’s your opportunity.

In fact there’s a wonderful range of choices if you are interested in arts based workshops during the festival. A few highlights are making glass jewellery in a hidden rainforest valley, building a life-sized portrait from clay or catching the 'acting bug' from renowned actor Diane Cilento at her amazing playhouse, Karnak…the list goes on.

The festival opens on the evening of Friday October 2 at the iconic old sugar wharf on the inlet and continues for ten days. Highlights include a play “in the round” by acclaimed playwright, Jack Heywood, titled “Max and Diana of the Nautilus”, a romantic story about a couple who set the style for the little town in the fifties when they opened the still famous Nautilus Restaurant.

Friends of the Festival discounts apply to all events and accommodation packages are being developed - so, let your hair down and "go troppo" with us?

It would be wonderful to meet you here then!

Best wishes


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