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Perspectives, Issue #012--Christine Eyres, curator Monsoon Passage.
June 06, 2009

"Perspectives" - Christine Eyres, Curator and Artist.

Lately, the weather in Far North Queensland has been mild, with warm, still days, an occasional light shower, and cooler nights. I live a short distance along a winding path through the jungle to the sometimes deserted beach.

The sand is warm, the tide way out, the water but a line on the horizon. In a few hours all that ocean will come rushing in and there will be just a narrow strip of sand, barely enough room for walking, so I make the most of the sunshine and peaceful surroundings..

Frieda's observation -

walking on the beach
both losing the night's stiffness
old dog, old lady

The beach can be a social place but this morning it was empty apart from an occasional dog with its human companion, looking for crabs in tidal pools, frolicking on strips of sandbanks or chasing gulls and wading birds.

Way in the distance mangroves signal the mouth of a tidal river. Nursery for many of the marine species of the Great Barrier Reef they also act as buffers to the huge tidal forces, helping to prevent coastal erosion.

One artist who is examining the role of mangroves is Christine Eyres , seen here "en plein air" with one of her recent paintings. No doubt she is wearing plenty of insect and crocodile repellent!

As coordinator of the Go Troppo Arts Festival, I am delighted that Christine has accepted the role of curator of the opening exhibition of the festival.

Held at the old sugar wharf on the waterfront in Port Douglas, the exhibition will showcase the work of a dozen or so leading Cairns and Port Douglas artists. Christine's professionalism and her choice of participating artists for "Monsoon Passage" ensures a top quality exhibition to remember.

This exhibition/gala cocktail party has become something of an annual tradition since access to the sugar wharf building (shed!) for the community was gained a few years ago.

Kick your heels up (or off?) to the beat of dance music or enjoy more classical renderings as you watch the sun set behind blue dusky mountains, to be replaced in the east by an almost full moon.

Theatre is also in the news with renowned writers, Sally Mc Donald and Jack Heywood and cast, presenting their recent collaborative "Amalgamation" play - about the controversial, forced amalgamation of Douglas and Cairns Shires...until June 14. Don't miss it!

Jack is in the throes of writing his next play about Nautilus Restaurant founders, Max and Diana Bowden - to be presented in conjunction with an exhibition of Diana's shell jewellery during Go Troppo Arts Festival.

Other news - Lone White had a wonderful time visiting ceramics studios in Japan recently. I hope that she will write about her experiences for us.

Art events, workshops and opportunities for artists abound - see here.        

Until next time - best wishes


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