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Perspectives, Issue #010-- Sunbirds, Sunshine and Silk Scarves.
April 03, 2009

"Perspectives" - Sunbirds, Sunshine and Silk Scarves

Greetings! I hope that this e-newsletter finds you well and happy.


First a weather report for those who live “elsewhere”: The oppressive humidity of the past few months seems to have evaporated along with the months of rain; there is a freshness and lightness to the air.

The sun shines from an almost cloudless blue sky, the ocean is still, apart from the imperceptible coming and going of the tides, no wind ruffles its surface and birds in the fringing jungle twitter happily.

This is a photo that I took this morning on my morning walk. You can see that others got up earlier than I did!

It seems that, in this part of the world, there is always a little smudge of cloud on the ocean’s horizon, but it doesn’t usually venture as far as the coast.

People have a spring to their step – and the air-conditioners can be turned off!

A pair of yellow sunbirds builds its nest outside my kitchen window. The brighter coloured male does lots of preening and flitting about, admiring its reflection in the glass. But it is little mother-to-be who works untiringly, shaping her dangling nest with its characteristic overhanging verandah. She’s nearly finished so perhaps, by the next time I write to you, there will be chicks!


These photos are not brilliant but show the shape of the nest - and also the shy mother when she thought I wasn't looking!

Frieda has this observation –

flying up and down
with grass and fluffy bits
no rest, this sun bird


I was very pleased to hear from Brenda recently. She subscribes to “Perspectives” and very kindly told me what she has enjoyed in the newsletters. Brenda found some of the articles about “the artist as a business person" to be helpful but mostly she just wants to learn to paint.

I enjoy hearing from you all and seeing the response to the “YOUR pages” section.

If you can add some tips, write an article, upload your latest painting or poem - or just respond to what others have shared, that adds to the sense of “community” and usefulness of the site.

I have always loved teaching art, and that is my training. So Brenda’s comments reminded me of one of the ideas I had when first setting up the website.

I was planning to write a series of “how to” articles about various aspects of making art. The articles could just point people in the right direction. If there seemed to be sufficient interest they could be developed into inexpensive e-books, instantly down-loadable.

Is this a service that you would like to see happening on the site?

A few days ago I added this page to the painting section and also linked it to the Go Troppo Arts Festival page. It’s not really a “how to” page but does discuss one aspect of composition which, after all, is fundamental to any artistic endeavour.


Planning continues for this exciting event, to be held in October ( 2 – 11). A highlight of celebrations will be interactive, mostly full-day, workshops, held at various locations in the area.

A dozen or more artists have been invited to hold workshops in such subjects as – making glass jewellery, life drawing/painting near (or in?) a rainforest creek, stage craft at a rainforest theatre, life-sized portrait in clay, making artists’ books, oil painting in the Savannah, watercolour at Whyanbeel, paint a silk scarf, reduction lino-print postcards from paradise, dye a sarong with mangrove bark, weave a traditional aboriginal basket, learn about paints from a famous manufacturer…and the list goes on.

More about this later.


In the meantime, if you would like to find out about art events and workshops in the area, please click here and here.


I am wondering if you could please help me with a little market research?

I have recently painted three silk scarves. They are 90cm square but the design could be altered for other sizes and shapes. Before I go ahead and produce more of them I would be interested in your response. If you don't normally wear scarves, please imagine that you do, or visualise them on a friend?

SCARF 1                 



All three scarves together - this is the effect that you would have when they are worn.

Could you please tell me

1. which scarf you like best (if indeed you like any!)

2. why that is?

3. What would be a fair price for each?

They are all 90cm square. Scarf 1 is painted/dyed onto 5mm habotai silk and the other two are on 8 mm habotai silk (a little heavier).

Please let me know via the contact form on the site. Thank you!

As a small "thank-you" I would like to send you a hand painted silk handkerchief so please make sure to send me your mailing address and also tell me your favourite colours?

Best wishes


YES! you may forward this email to your friends. They, also, may wish to subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the home page.

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