Leon Pericles Engages Us with his Wit and Printmaking Skills!

I have an indelible picture in my mind of Leon Pericles. He sits at his easel in the public foyer of the then Treetops Port Douglas Resort, where he is the artist-in-residence for our gallery, Port Douglas Gallery of Fine Art.

Two young children watch him, absorbed, as he applies paint to his canvas. One drapes an arm affectionately around his shoulders, the three of them absorbed and intent on the creative process that is taking place.

Leon Pericles in his studioLeon Pericles in his studio

But it is not only children who appreciate Leon’s work and his thoughtful companionship.

Leon is a keen observer of people and situations, in which he sometimes sees the ridiculous. One could think of him as a social commentator, but also as a lover of nature, in tune with the spirituality of our vast land.

Frequently in his work, Leon references Australia’s aboriginal inhabitants and pays homage to them through marks, signs and symbols.

Perhaps it was his early childhood, spent in a small outback town in Western Australia, where Leon often spent time alone, that led him to explore his imagination and develop stories of the bush.

These stories, told with a gently satirical twist, reveal truth in a delightful and engaging way; we smile (or laugh uproariously!) as we recognise ourselves and our foibles in his telling observations.

'Family Airloom' hand coloured collograph'Family Airloom', collograph
'Three Strange Birds From the Bush', hand coloured collograph, collage'Three Strange Birds From the Bush', collograph

Leon Pericles (his father was of Greek origin) has built an amazing reputation and following in Australia. As a vehicle for his comments his skill in printmaking is unsurpassed.

Hand made etchings, collagraphs, screenprints and paintings explore his imaginary town of Widgimorphup, where just about everything typical of an outback Australian town happens.

Sometimes the reality (or is it unreality?) spills over into performances where Leon, the quiet puppeteer, manipulates his audience to become willing participants in the entertainment (eg “Tiggi Puggenheim”, which toured nationwide to twenty galleries and venues, including Port Douglas. Who could forget the inimitable Diane Cilento in her red wig, addressing the crowd that night at the Sheraton Mirage Hotel as we all slipped into our assigned Widgi characters?).

Not only a printmaker, Leon paints intriguing pictures – or adds collages to his prints – as well as sculpture when the mood takes him. His skill in all of these areas is remarkable, matched by his lively curiosity, research skills and unique viewpoint.

'Coastal Signs and Symbols' - painting/collage'Coastal Signs and Signals', painting/collage

To have a retrospective exhibition at the Western Australian State Art Gallery at the young age of forty, as he did in 1989, is no mean feat, but then there is nothing mediocre about Leon Pericles.

His wife and business partner, Moira, has helped to organise many exhibitions, some of which toured nationally.

For Moira, life with Leon must be an exciting adventure of exploration …even without leaving home!

'Windy Ridge 1' collograph
'Attention Digit Disorder - Charmaine's Nail Palace', etching with collage
'Headspace', etching
'Lotsasucker Pestafrustrator', hand coloured etching
'Fishing on the Wharf' acrylic on board

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