Go Troppo Arts Festival, Port Douglas, Kicked Off in Great Style!

Go Troppo Arts Festival 2010 followed on from the great success of the festival held in October 2008 and October 2009. The festival was becoming an annual event, held at this time of great beauty, renewal and abundance, which heralds the Wet season.

But, unfortunately, this multi-arts festival was unable to be held in subsequent years because of an acute shortage of funds. However it is hoped to hold the festival in the future, partly to celebrate the re-forming of the previous Douglas Shire Council, which had been forcibly amalgamated with the Cairns Regional Council in 2009.

Groups representing musicians, film makers, performers or visual artists are invited to consider their interest in staging a stand-alone event in the future as part of such a festival.

Businesses which would like to support the festival as partners would be welcomed with open arms, as would individuals who would like to donate funds or volunteer to help, even in a small way.

The "Friends of the Festival" was a happy band of volunteers who held friendly get-togethers of various kinds to publicise the Go Troppo Arts Festival and to help raise funds for operating expenses.

Visitors would be encouraged to join in at any time during the year. 

Full Moon Magic for Go Troppo Arts Festival

Festival workshops in various facets of the arts were held at Port Douglas as part of Go Troppo Arts Festival 2010. 

Check out these great photos from 2010.

Timed to co-oincide with the full moon, which often heralds the spontaneous coral spawning across the breadth of the huge Great Barrier Reef, the festival aimed to showcase the multi-arts of the region. In 2012 an amazing eclipse of the sun was added to these natural wonders on display.

Festival workshops, similar to these offered in previous years could be planned to help the festival to grow in a way that emphasises the experiential nature of the celebrations.

Hopefully, participants will be able to choose from a range of day-long tropical art workshops and activities, such as portraiture in paint or clay, acting workshops at a theatre in the rainforest, print-making, dance, music and art textiles, all subject to availability of tutors and enrolment numbers.

Visitors from all around the world as well as locals would be invited to join the workshops, which would be planned to deliver quality teaching in beautiful studio locations - in rainforest valleys, in the mountains or on the waterfront in Port Douglas.

Periodic updates and a developing calendar of events will be found on this page should the event go ahead.

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