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Curriculum Vitae


· Born in Tanzania 1954
· Emigrated to Australia 1978
· Lived in Swaziland, South Africa, UK and France


· 1974-76 B.A. University of Natal. (Painting and History of Art.)
· 1977 Honours Degree in History of Art. Thesis on Symbolism in Art
· 1979-81 B.A. Fine Arts, S.A.C.A.E., Underdale. (Printmaking.)
· 1982 Postgraduate Diploma. (Painting.)
· 1991-92 Studies in Paris of anatomy at Ecole des Beaux Arts and drawing Ecole des Arts Decoratifs. Did copies in Lourve
· 1991-94 Further copying in Louvre


· 1988 Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide
· 1993 B.M.G., Adelaide
· 1995 B.M.G., Adelaide
· 1998 Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide
· 2000 Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide
· 2005 Greenfields Gallery, Paris
· 2006 SALA Church Studios, Adelaide


· 1986 Drawing Exhibition, Gainsborough House, East Anglia, UK
· 1988 Fringe Exhibition, Adelaide
· 1989 Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide
· 1990 Chesser Gallery and Club Foote, Adelaide
· 1991 New Art-91, B.M.G., Adelaide
· 1998 African Heritage and Art, Flinders Art Museum, Adelaide
· 1999 Olsen Carr Gallery, Sydney
· 2008 Go Troppo Arts Festival Port Douglas – Boat Paintings
· 2009 Go Troppo Arts Festival Port Douglas – Two Port Painters
. 2010 Go Troppo Arts Festival Port Douglas - Boating
. 2011 Painting in Adelaide, Paris and Port Douglas studios and en plein air.

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